February 9, 2010

Basic Training

Because sometimes you need to throw on a soft t-shirt and a hoodie over it... that's why. Bloggers might tell you that you need to wear a bow-tie and a canvas jacket in order to dress like a man, but every now and again life calls for mere simplicity -- some jersey and fleece. CXXVI makes those comfortable tees and hoodies, and they do it well. The company has been on my radar for more than a minute, but I only recently picked up some pieces from them. Besides the sweatshirt cut as if I were the fit model, the tees are soft with easy-on-the-eyes graphics splashed across them. I've already had to wash the sweatshirt twice -- that needs to happen when you live in something for a week straight.

You won't find a chambray tee in the line, nor do they boast of selvage fleece, and I'm pretty sure they haven't signed on to do a collaboration with a 100+ year-old American boot maker yet. Just a small company paying homage to the lost art of the graphic tee and making easy to wear, comfortable clothes to live in.