January 31, 2009

Halcyon Bespoke Goggles

Old style and custom made. Sorry, but awesome. I never thought my life necessitated a pair of custom made leather goggles, until I saw them. Now, somehow I feel as if I need a pair. You can pick the frame color, the leather color, the shape and glass tint. I would wear them and constantly make airplane sound effects while driving Wilshire.

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Chris Craft

Boats should be made out of wood. I know nothing about sailing, but from the looks of them, they should be, always. Now CC makes expensive cheap-looking boats. Back in the day THESE were the boats to own. Between the 20s and 50s, CC constructed amazing hulls out of mahogany. American made since 1924. If only you could drive one of these on the streets. Just under $100k will get you a restored speedboat.
New not so cool ones available here...

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Togo Couch

I already love my couch... any couch I guess for that matter. Only good things happen on couches. Not like a bike you can fall off of, or a patio where you can get rained on. A couch is safe, warm. A couch says "take a load off, kick your feet up. Watch a movie or eat a bowl of ice cream." I challenge anyone to give me a bad memory of a couch. My point... can you improve on such a thing? Yes. And this is it. The Ligne Roset Togo Couch. "Utah... gimme two."

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January 30, 2009


Perhaps the greatest find for me in the history of greatest finds. Well, at least for me I said. I love LA, and I love old stuff, so as you could tell, I love old LA stuff. I found this on the UCLA Library site. It's a collection of unedited LA Times photos from the 20s-80s. Amazing pics. You can type in a key word and search away. Awesome site.

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January 29, 2009

Portela's totally ridiculous...

but kinda cool leather iPhone case. It would be a nightmare to use, but it does look slick. RING RING -- dig out of pocket -- RING RING -- fumble large leather iPhone case -- RING RING -- ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip -- RING RING -- "Hello" -- DAMN -- too late. Well, it was a nice thought.


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January 28, 2009

James Dean Glasses

Why do I see a picture of one of my icons and want to know the brand of glasses he wore? I don't know. But I do. So, I found this pic a while back. C'mon, he was the coolest cat around, so why not see if some of that style can rub off all these years later by copping his glasses style. Did some research... I know, I'm a big nerd. Here you go...

Scura Optical (legend) in Honey Tortoise $200.00 (vintage)

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Steve McQueen's Intl. Drivers License

Why not?

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Robert Kennedy Law Day Speech

It's pretty great. First heard about it when watching a doc about Hunter S. Thompson. He was there that day covering it, and ready to pick his speech apart. He said he was ready to go smoke when he came up and Hunter could not stop listening. From that day on HST was a huge supporter of RFK. If you have a bit, here is the mp3.

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And Two More...

So my friend Michelle busted my proverbials for posting about a fashion photographer. I thought Jean Mondino took cool pictures, little did I know my manhood would be challenged by doing so. So, what do I do? Post about two other photographers. Maybe Michelle will find it tough to pick on me for liking these two. Richard Avedon is one of the most important and influential photographers of all time. He has snapped photos of everyone, and I mean everyone. Then there's David Bailey. Although important, I like him because he was one of the coolest guys around. He slept with, or married every super model in his day. Hats off.

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Two Classics...

...that won't totally break the bank. You can pick both of these up in decent driving condition for under 10k. Not all that bad when you consider when done up right, they'll command more head turns than the Aston Martin next to you. Sure they have money, but you have style and originality.

Volvo P1800

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

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January 27, 2009


New album out today!!! Finally. Now you can listen to that song from The Wrestler you know you all can't get out of your heads.

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Three Potato Four

My sister sent me this site. Some nice vintage pieces and a few re-creations. Good prices too.

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January 26, 2009

Michael Caine

Get Carter, The Italian Job, Alfie, Sleuth, The Island... am I missing any? My point, Caine made them so damn good the first time, Hollywood has tried to strike gold twice many a time, only to fail and realize they can't outdo Caine. Back in the day he was one bad mutha -- SHUT YO MOUTH!

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ENGINELESS: Pashley Bicycles

I seem to have a lot of posts about bikes. Ahhh, yes, method to the madness. I do a lot of posts about cars too, just things I'm into, but I feel for every exhaust spitting chariot I post about, I should answer back with an environmentally friendly coach as well. So... here is the Pashley Bicycle. If you're going to save Mother Earth, for God's sake, do it with some upper middle class. These 'ol Brits have been making exquisite rides since 1926. Like a fine Merlot (I think) it just gets better with age. About $1,500.00

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January 25, 2009

LIFE Beastie Boys & RUN DMC

Straight from the LIFE archives, a 1987 sitting in NYC with Beastie Boys and RUN DMC. Sign of the times: All three members of RUN DMC wearing their trademark gold shell toes, and the Beastie Boys all wearing those braided friendship bracelets we all used to have. Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa boooooooyyyyyyyyyyy.

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Obama's Watch

In case you were wondering... like I was. He wears a Jorg Gray 6500 Chrono. The thing sells for about $325.00. I want to say, "hell no, Guy's gotta step up his game". BUT, hats off to the guy for being "one of us", and having a "cheap" watch. How can you not love this guy? Hip hip - hooray... hip hip - hooray... hip hip...

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J Crew Baracuta Jacket

Steve McQueen and the Mods made them famous, now you can buy one at J Crew for $275.00.

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January 24, 2009

Joy Division 1979

That whole dressing nice on stage thing bands do these days... ties and matching jackets and whatnot. Joy Division was doing it in the 70's Best dressed band of their time.

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Moobius Keys

First off... I'm sorry. I don't think you can find these in the states. Just as well seeing as how they're about $500.00, but still. I saw these when I was in Japan and fell in love with them. I've looked all over and can't find a comparable company that makes them as cool as this. Although only about 2 keys in our lives actually still look like this, it's still a nice idea. Can opener, tweezers and toothpick available as upgrades only.

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January 23, 2009

Filson Wool Bag

I hate when I go hunting with my camo duffle and can't find it later...you know... cause it's camouflage... and it blends in... anyway. Now I, or you, don't have to worry. With bright plaid, all your troubles are over. Never misplace those pesky bags again.

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Richie Fahey

"Yea, look here, copper. I ain't seen the dame in two weeks, see." Richie Fahey paints em like they used to. Pulling from old exploitation films and bad paper back novels, he creates a look fit for any bachelor pad. Check out his prints.

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Vintage Sheet Music

Even if you don't love typography, check some of these out. This is a CRAZY collection of, of all things, sheet music from the Duke University Library. Who knew old timey fans of the ol 88s could produce such great looking works of art. "HRRRAAANNNGGCCHHHHSSSSSSSEEEEEE... never had one lesson."
vintage sheet music

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January 22, 2009

Velocity Wood Grain Rims

No bike is complete without wood wheels...right? I ran into these a few days ago. Kind of rad. I'm guessing not rated for off-road use however. $105.00 on Ebay right now.

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January 20, 2009

English Scroll Zippo

Zippo started making lighters in 1932 out of Bradford Pennsylvania. The design comes from Austria and now the scroll work comes from England. I guess when it comes to smoking and setting fires in style, America relaxes just behind the curve.

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If you've ever picked up a Robb Report, you've seen this thing. Handmade in Los Angeles, Icon is owner, Jonathan Ward's take on the FJ40. Three body styles to choose from, and they're all amazing. Great website too. Go and check out the great photos, hell... buy one. There's a reason they advertise in Robb Report and not US Weekly...they're expensive as all get out. Although you can pick up a used one for under 20k.

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Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

First introduced in 1964, the Carrera has morphed and evolved over the years but has maintained its timeless appeal and stylish facade. Not only does it keep perfect time down to like 2/10,000 (isn't that 1/5,000?) of a second, it looks good while doing it. About $5,500.00 will get you into one of these. Worth it? You might as well get a great vintage Heuer for that price, but still not a bad piece.

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