March 31, 2011

Never Gets Old. Ever

BMW Art Cars: 1975-2010. Watch the film after the jump.

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March 30, 2011


We all love us some Tumblr sites. Whether it's original content or recycled, we all love to see inspirational images stacked in a tight little column, begging to be moused. Although some will argue that throwing a couple pictures of naked girls, guns, vintage cars and iconic drug-bust images will validate any Tumblr site thus making it "well-curated," others will say only a select few have the visual prowess to properly compile images in a cohesive and intriguing way. (run-on?)

In the vast sea of "well-curated" Tumblr blogs, a couple reign supreme and rule with an iron trident. Those two being Young & Feral, and of course our beloved Yimmy Yayo. Sure, except for a few personal notes on YY, if you told me these two were updated by the same person, I'd probably believe you. Especially knowing they both come from The Land Down Under. But nonetheless, both act as key witnesses for the defense in the trial of "Anyone Can Do It" vs Visual Prowess. Y&F and YY top my daily photo blog hits and always give me something to drag to my desktop. Bookmark em.

I was going to post a bunch of random images here from the two sites... but this isn't a Tumblr blog.

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There Will Be No Miracles Here

There are a few things I can count on when I visit my parents' house -- a home cooked meal and a stack of magazines on the hallway table for me to take home. Usually it's the last couple months of GQ, (the guilty product of grandkids selling magazine subscriptions for school fundraisers) and a couple random airline magazines or WSJ inserts. Seeing as how I rarely pick up the Wall Street Journal these days since my corporate finance job (nope), it's a welcomed change of pace. And the March edition didn't disappoint.

By far the most interesting article was a highlight on Robert M. Rubin, his house and golf course. As one of the founding members of AIG Trading, Rubin found himself with more money than god at a fairly young age and set out to spend that fortune in some of the most awesome ways possible.

As if collecting and restoring Ferraris to his very personal and arguably controversial standards, Rubin figured he needed a racetrack to drive them on. Seemed like a good idea... except he happened to buy the only one in the Hamptons and was told very soon after that the notion of racing loud cars was simply unacceptable. Read the full article about the course/museum/art gallery and his ongoing restoration of one of modern architecture's most important landmarks he calls home.

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March 27, 2011

So...That Just Happened

When you gather a bunch of motorcycles, booze, babies, antiques and fire in one place, things are bound to get weird. And they did. "Shutter Speed" was basically a showing of a set of photos Scott Pommier took of Stacie London riding a BMW and spitting fire, a screening of this great film by Toast, and in unapologetic The Selvedge Yard fashion -- an excuse to throw a party. I'm sure The Selvedge Yard or some other well-written blog will have a legitimate recap, so until then I'll just leave you with an abridged photo version. More highlights after the jump.

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March 26, 2011


Who's up for a good time tonight? Then come hang out downtown and get your photo appreciation on. I'll be there, supporting my friends at Secret Service, Scott Pommier and JP of The Selvedge Yard. If you find yourself with nothing going on, or even if you already have plans, you should break them, and come hang out with us all. Get all the info after the jump.

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March 24, 2011

You Sea?

It's been more than a minute since I've checked in with my friends over at SeaVees, and it's a good thing too. Why good? Because it gave them time to expand their line from the original canvas sneakers to a full-fledged footwear brand with more than a few models I'd kick around. Most notably, the Bayside Moc Hi. Available in brown or blue suede, these guys will have me second thinking the Clarks store in no time.

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The Shapes Of Frustration

I posted a few of these a couple weeks ago, but have somehow since turned this into a full fledged series. Shot all within walking distance of my house, the shapes of frustration focuses on the accidental art of graffiti "removal." The idea of art through cover-ups in itself is nothing new. How many of you remember the Espo series when he volunteered for a clean-up crew only to leave key pieces of walls unpainted thus spelling "Espo" all over the city? Or this short film, sent to me after my first post, by Matt McCormick detailing the exact subject matter from a seemingly mockingly pretentious point of view?

The striking element in these walls isn't necessarily the colors or the compositions created in cropping (although that helps), but the level of sophistication in the layers of paint. Not to get all "art school" here, but I can't help but think an artist could work for days on a canvas and not achieve a piece as naturally executed as some of these appear to be. Makes me wonder what the hell art is anyway. And then here I come and merely take a picture of it and claim THAT to be art as well. A vicious cycle. Check out the ongoing project here.

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March 21, 2011

Generally Speaking

It's always good to see good people doing good things and opening good stores and selling good clothes and good vintage things and having good times. That's why it's really good that my buddy, Blair opened General Quarters this month on La Brea.

Stocked with a few of the necessities of this workwear/vintage inspired age of menswear we live in, GQ also has a nice selection of brands and goods you might not find elsewhere in LA. From Manifest Destiny candles to Life After Denim chinos to Kelty day-packs, you're bound to find something you can walk away with. Next time you hit the World Denim Bar or grab some of the best pork pibil tacos in town across the street, pop over to General Quarters and buy something expensive to help a young, do-it-yourselfer out. 153 S. La Brea LA, CA.

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