January 31, 2011

Shot To Def: Caleb Owen Everitt

Besides being one of the most talented designers I know, Caleb Everitt is also one of the more stylish people I have the pleasure of being friends with. Between trying to talk him into moving to LA and eating breakfast at 1PM, I sweet-talked him into letting me take a few shots.

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Apollo 17

I came across this library of pretty amazing, high-res images from the Apollo 17 moon mission. The deeper you dig, the better they get. You've seen all of the famous images, so these are more of the "deleted scenes" bonus features from disc 2. They just don't dream how they used to.

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January 30, 2011

Ahh Schmidt!

Leave it to a photographer to answer, "as long as you don't show my face," when asked if a portrait may be taken. Yeah well, Michael Schmidt feels more at home behind the lens, and fair enough. Although a mighty fine subject, Michael does his dirty work through a piece of glass, and lucky for us, we reap the benefits. From dirty motorcycles to clean lingerie, Michael shoots them all with calculated reckless abandon -- a style forged through years of meticulously not giving a fuck.

His ability to capture the moments between the moments gives us a rare glimpse into a life so real we could never dream of it. His shots are staged, framed, and metered yet come with zero sense of pretension or falsity. Pay attention, this is how its done and this is who does it.

I'll let them tell stories and speak for themselves.

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January 28, 2011

In Stereo-ere-o

By far one of the best looking, coolest collections I've come across in a while. Thank god people think it necessary to create websites for such things.

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January 27, 2011

Shot To Def: Miles Fisher

I hung out with my buddy, Miles Fisher the other day. It's always a treat to grab a few minutes from this guy's busy schedule. Whether he's selling pot to MadMen, mocking Tom Cruise on the silver screen, or just walking to grab lunch, he always looks the part.

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And Now THIS

Come hang out with us Feb 4th at THIS LA Gallery. It's gonna be a whole hell of a lot of fun. Over 100 artists (including me, I'm honored to say) each with a piece framed up all nice in white for your viewing pleasure. Yup.

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January 26, 2011

Shhhhhh, Just Go With It.

Although I tend to have an adverse reaction to all-leather sneakers for some reason, these new Vault mid 77s are sorta doing it for me. You can get them in ANY color as long as you get them in red, black or white.

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January 25, 2011

Holed Up.

I spent the morning in hell (see: dirty motel room off the 710 freeway) shooting pictures for Crate Denim. We were lucky enough to get Benny for a few hours this morning, despite his busy schedule. If you don't recognize him, trust me, you soon will. We had fun. A few teasers below and after the jump.

Editor's Note: Do yourself a favor and NEVER strip a bed at a cheap motel. No, really. Don't.

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