April 24, 2012

Wool Halos

I may not be the biggest Angels fan ever, or baseball in general for that matter, but I am a Los Angeles, California fan... and these New Era Throwback Angel caps with LA and CA "bone" monograms???? All day.

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A pretty amazing Flickr set of billboards on The Sunset Strip in the mid 70s. Minus a Tower Records and add a Pink Taco here and there and not a whole hell of a lot has changed. Thanks to Grace for sending this one over.

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April 23, 2012

Mom, Something Is Wrong With Alex.

Alex Prager opened a show with new work last week at M+B Gallery in West Hollywood. Damn, she's just that good. If not better.

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K-Billy's Super Sounds Of The 70s

Mostly due in part to my recent acquisition of vintage B&O speakers and a Marantz amp, I've been weirdly obsessed with stereo equipment from the 70s. Yes, I understand that this very dedicated and sometimes violent sub-culture of vintage enthusiasts has existed for some time now (I believe the kids call them stereophiles), but it's only as of late that I actually care. This has been one of my stops for a few days... check it out and nerd out with the rest of them.

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Man Up - Mil Spec Luggage

It's good enough for the Devil Dogs, it's good enough for my economy plus trips to NYC. Force Protector Gear (one of the more unoriginal brand names I've heard in a minute) gives us what everyone wants/needs... the comfort of knowing his or her underwear and double monks will remain safe and in one finely organized place. The Marine Corps. issued deployment bag is big enough for anything you may want to bring on that next trip to the Cod, while agile enough to still allow you to be "that guy" at the airport, meandering through the crowd, carelessly running over bystanders with your wheeled suitcase. Yeah, I'm sold.

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