February 27, 2011

And Now I Sea

Spent the day shooting photos for The Ross Sea Party for some upcoming press. These guys have been killing it lately. Check them out for show dates or just fly to Austin for SXSW. Smoothed out rock and roll, the way it should be.

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February 24, 2011

Shot To Def: Jason Simao

Hey look, when you're a blogger/photographer, not even your barber is safe. I talked Jason into a couple snaps between a straight shave and a cut... and sushi. Tims and a saturdays tee... you can take the kid outta the East, but you can't take the East outta the kid. East meets West done right.

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This Is The Way We Roll We Roll

Leave it to our friends to the East to nail a 20" throwback BMX. ROOTS: HOW I ROLL takes everything we love about old school styling and offers it up in tight little packages rolling on Mags. The colors, the gussets, the chrome -- they sorta pinned it all. I haven't found anyone in the States that carry them, but W-BASE has them on their site for about $750 (ouch). Just gotta figure out those pesky delivery fees.

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Sneakin And Peekin

Always stoked to see what my friends at Lemolo are up to. An email came through the other day concerning a couple new bags in the works that all of us over here at A Time To Get are pretty excited about (yeah, I said, "all of us").

Hey Lemolo, send me a loaner bag to review, I PROMISE to return it. Really....I swear I will.

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Won't Be The Last Time Either

All made by hand in the US of A, and all on eBay right now.

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A quick shout to everyone who sent emails while my computer was being resurrected by the IT nerds who work at the Mac store (see: saviors). It always blows me away that there are people out there that are into a lot of the random things I am. So, in honor of said peoples... a few links after the jump...









Sorry, had a problem with the links function... gonna have to bust out the ol' left click, copy and paste action.

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February 22, 2011

Roll Up

I'm a Wiz Khalifa fan. There, I said, unapologetically too. So when my friend, Jake Davis, asked me to come down to the set of Wiz's new video he was shooting to take photos, I said yes. A few more of my favorites after the jump and a bunch more over at Jake's site.

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