April 30, 2009

Falcon Motorcycles Blog & Site

I said I would give a holler when the new Falcon site is up, well, I'm hollering, and damn it looks nice. The very good people over there honored me with the opportunity to be a contributor to THEIR BLOG. I jumped at the chance to push my rants, raves, and general nonsensical ramblings onto a broader audience.

Check it out every once in a while for some nice updates. Take a look at the bios and see who else is kicking around inside the blog. They got some really impressive people from all walks of life to join the ranks. Still not sure how I crept in there.

Where will you find find poetry about the plain white T, or lions in sidecars? Falcon Blog, that's where.

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Chocolate & Girl Wallride Catalog

Consistently the best skateboard company out there as far as I'm concerned. No other company exemplifies the California skate lifestyle better than these guys and gals. Take a look through their newer WALLRIDE CATALOG and you'll see exactly what I mean. I remember when I was in college, my only goal was to work for them. I didn't really know what I would do for them, but figured if I had to work, it might as well be with a company like this.

They don't take themselves too seriously and they know how to have fun doing what they love. If that doesn't sum up where skateboarding came from, I don't know what does.

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HIJACKED: Engineered Garments G4

Saw this on H(y)R Collective yesterday, and fell in love. I don't own any EG pieces, but this could be a first. Classic and simple, like it should be. Not sure the price difference between this and the G4 Barcuda, but EG could be giving the ol Brits a run for their money with this one.

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SIDE NOTE: Band Of Outsiders Event

Got an email from my friends, and yours, over at Band Of Outsiders yesterday telling everyone about a nice little event at Barney's on Wilshire. If you're in LA, come get fitted for a suit by people who know how the BoO suits should fit. Or just stop by, meet some good people and fall in love with what they have going on right now. Big shout to Bobby Birdman himself, looking all kinds of good in the Polaroid.

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April 29, 2009

GET MAD: New Deus Bikes

Get mad at DEUS for doing things better than us. As if building some of the coolest motorcycles, having some of the coolest shops and being some of the coolest guys, they pour lemon juice on your papercut when they make bicycles better than most people also. GET MAD. No secret I love pretty much whatever Deus does, whether it's bikes or backing blogs like LOVERS' LAND, they just do it right. Go to their site and check out the pics of their two shops. Either they need to do my house up like that or I need to move into their store, either way I wanna live in it.

I got dibs on the black and white piece below. These boys just have a knack for understating the overstated.

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The American Machine

Saw the new Camaro the other day. It was the first time I had seen one out on the street. I was unimpressed. Not that the lines aren't sleek and the proportions fair, but because I had seen it before. A LOT. Not seen IT, but it, as in what it stands for. Yes, I get it, things were better "then". Design was better "then", back when everything was made in the USA and everyone cared about construction detail and quality. I get it ALL, but what about originality? Have we lost sight of what made us, us? Now it seems we are playing catch-up and cutting corners just to scrape whatever bits of cool are left on the sides and between the gears of the American machine. It's no front page news that the machine is broken. It was hand made by people who cared and bled for its creation, but the damn thing is old and needs serious repairs. I just can't help but to feel that the problem won't be solved by covering the cracks with a little paint that has been mixed to match the original color.

But hey, until then, and until I get off my ass, stop bitching, go learn how to design cars, get a job at Chevy, move my way through the ranks, design an original piece of iconography, and change the way we all look at American design... enjoy the new Camaro. Or argue like I do, that the original... was just flat out better the first time around.

Give me a Yenko or a clone and I'll be good all day. If you don't know the story behind Steve and his dealership, look it up. It's rad how a guy found and exploited a loophole and was able to create some of the most iconic and most badass muscle cars of the time.

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April 28, 2009

EBAY: Heuer A&F Seafarer

Ahh, yes. Before half-naked boys standing in front of posters of half-naked boys, they made good things. Everything to be exact. Snow shoes, to flasks, to shotguns to poker chips, they did it all... and with some style. Seeing as how Abercrombie is getting so much negative press these days, thought I'd dig around eBay for some gems of yesteryear. I'm not trying to spend nearly 6k on an A&F watch, but damn if it's not spot on and looking the part. Colors on those dials just do it for me all day.

Makes me wish they'd realize the mountain of authentic heritage they're sitting on and take advantage of it. Is it too late for them? Could they be taken seriously if they tried an authentic American made label? With a history like that, seems like it would be a shame not to at least try.

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WWII Propaganda Posters

Why not? Found these on a random site the other day while looking for some other random thing. I've seen a ton of these posters before, but had never seen a couple of these. Check 'em out and be glad times have changed and repercussions of conversation don't include sudden death. And who the hell is Mr. Peanut?

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April 27, 2009

American Antiques

I'm a sucker for old things, and old American things just flat out make my day. On a daily basis I find myself prefacing many of my sentences with the same six words. "When I'm rich I'm going to...". This could be when talking about any number of things. From the philanthropic and totally practical, "when I'm rich I'm going to hire someone who's sole job is to remind which side of the street to park on for street sweeping", to the ridiculous, "when I'm rich I'm going to start a foundation to help starving children in war-torn countries". Wait, are those switched?

After checking this website out, once again, I find myself uttering those same familiar words. "When I'm rich I'm going to buy Jeff Bridgman and make him collect amazing American antiques for me."

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