April 28, 2009

EBAY: Heuer A&F Seafarer

Ahh, yes. Before half-naked boys standing in front of posters of half-naked boys, they made good things. Everything to be exact. Snow shoes, to flasks, to shotguns to poker chips, they did it all... and with some style. Seeing as how Abercrombie is getting so much negative press these days, thought I'd dig around eBay for some gems of yesteryear. I'm not trying to spend nearly 6k on an A&F watch, but damn if it's not spot on and looking the part. Colors on those dials just do it for me all day.

Makes me wish they'd realize the mountain of authentic heritage they're sitting on and take advantage of it. Is it too late for them? Could they be taken seriously if they tried an authentic American made label? With a history like that, seems like it would be a shame not to at least try.