March 31, 2010

Mulholland Maniacs

Bulgogi Bros. strikes again with these videos about road-racing Mulholland Drive in 1982. Seeing as how this stretch of road rests just a mile behind me, perched up on the hill, it seemed more than fitting to give it some love here. Gotta love some auto racing with rules equivalent to those regulating prison handball.

"We have the numbers. We have the power to party, and be free."

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904 Boyz

Built in '64 and '65, it still stands as one of the better designed Porsches of all time. It had a fiberglass body, 4 cylinder engine and the 100 built in '64 cost under $8,000 each. No, originals don't pop up on eBay every couple days, nor can you find one on Craig's List, but I'm sure if you make your rounds at the auctions you could find another for just shy of $878,000.

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March 30, 2010

Water-Color Me Badd

We'll go ahead and refer to this post as the softer side of ATG. Came across Serena Mitnik-Miller's work while doing my daily reading over at Shakas And Single Fins. Nothing better than a little soothing chaos in soft shades of blue to settle a Tuesday afternoon. It's interesting to see so much control over a medium usually revered and utilized for its naturally organic characteristics. I'm a fan.

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Inspiration Board

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