December 31, 2008

Lead Derby

Either the horse is in the lead or bullets are made of lead, either way, we like. Small LA based line poked its head in Fred Segal and a handful of other places last year. I'm guessing they're on the verge of making sure everyone knows they're in the LEAD... and not made of lead.

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Quba Sails

So think RRL but British based and pulling from sailing heritage. Along with some nice cut-n-sew pieces and graphics, they also do custom jackets and bags made from sail cloth. You design it and they sew it up. Could be interesting.

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Deus Ex Machina

By far the coolest shop/bikes/posters/tees/fixies/whatever. They do everything right. Still waiting for them to open a store in LA.

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Bespoke Auto Luggage

Two of my favorite things: classic cars and custom made anything. All you have to do now is save up 2 years salary for a set of custom luggage to fit snug in your Honda Civic.

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Steve McQueen Rolex... Kinda

The only thing cooler than an Explorer II 1655, is a fake Explorer II 1655. Yea, I said it. So what? Is it cool cause it's authentic, or is it cool cause it's stylish? I'll go with the latter. I'm sure Steve himself would scoff at the idea of paying 60K for a watch with his name attached to it. Don't get me wrong, if I had 60K in the pocket of my coat I haven't worn since my last trip to NY, I'd buy one. But with the way I treat watches, I'd need to buy at least one back-up. I say google it, and go for it, although I won't vouch for the time keeping capabilities.
"It just tells time, that's it". -Steve McQueen June, 14th 1973 11:32 pm. At least that's what his watch read.

REAL DEAL - $55,000.00 (ON EBAY NOW)


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Pink! I'm seeing Pink!

"You can talk shit on pink shoes, a pink umbrella, but a pink gun is something that resides outside the realm of mockery. You see, every handgun is birthed with the same destiny, a path. One which was laid out before it the moment it was cast, lathed and assembled. Despite assumptions and vague blanket generalizations, not all weapons are created in the same sinister cloak. Some, take on a more light hearted, even humorous visage. However, let one fact be known, be it black, silver, purple with red polka-dots, or in our all handguns exist to serve the same god, to execute one purpose. And it is that very reason that this particular handgun, above all others, shall be held with the utmost respect. Because the savory taste of destiny is amplified when a life fought with such adversity bestowed upon it by the ignorance of people such as yourself is all the more sweet when it gracefully performs its duty, fulfills its destiny, and snuffs out a life responsible for its hardships. Now, that my friend is what I call poetic justice. And this... is still a gun."

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Camera Bag

The iPhone never ceases to amaze me. I know, I'm supposed to hate it cause it drops calls and crashes, but damn if it doesn't just make my life brighter. There are a lot of lame apps out there, and I know cause I've paid for them, but Camera Bag is by far the best and mostest funnest app out there. You'll actually want to take photos with your phone.

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Truck Furniture

I want to live in their catalog. By far the easiest to live with furniture out there. Go track down their catalogs/books. Until it gets cheaper to ship from Japan, the catalog makes a nice coffee table piece.

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Board Track Bandits

So back in the 20's and 30's Board Track Racing was THE motor-sport of the time. Wire wheeled, oil leaking motorcycles zipped around a track built on rough cut 2x4s. The guys who ran these puppies wore leather helmets and wool sweaters. They were men. No, not like us, I mean men. The sport basically died (excuse the pun) out after a series of fatal accidents that plagued the sport in the early 30's, including a single race where 2 riders and 4 young spectators died. Needless to say, the sport was too dangerous for our fair country.

So, in an effort to pay homage to the sport, and save mother earth at the same time, a handful of companies and private builders are turning old bicycles into fuel efficient motobikes.
more info at : and








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Tool Bags

Only a real man walks through Lowes and eyes a bag normally reserved for weapons of contruction and thinks to himself, "now that would be a great carry-on". Judge me if you will. Instead of tools used for the regular ol' wire stripping, beating nails through 2x4s, and building a tree house, next time swap em out for a pair of seer sucker trousers and some nice driving mocs.

Occidental Leather - $140

Occidental Leather - $120

Heritage Leather Co. - $n/a

Klein Tools -$200

Occidental Leather - $45

Klein Tools - $50

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