December 31, 2008

Pink! I'm seeing Pink!

"You can talk shit on pink shoes, a pink umbrella, but a pink gun is something that resides outside the realm of mockery. You see, every handgun is birthed with the same destiny, a path. One which was laid out before it the moment it was cast, lathed and assembled. Despite assumptions and vague blanket generalizations, not all weapons are created in the same sinister cloak. Some, take on a more light hearted, even humorous visage. However, let one fact be known, be it black, silver, purple with red polka-dots, or in our all handguns exist to serve the same god, to execute one purpose. And it is that very reason that this particular handgun, above all others, shall be held with the utmost respect. Because the savory taste of destiny is amplified when a life fought with such adversity bestowed upon it by the ignorance of people such as yourself is all the more sweet when it gracefully performs its duty, fulfills its destiny, and snuffs out a life responsible for its hardships. Now, that my friend is what I call poetic justice. And this... is still a gun."