June 30, 2011

America's Favorite

Consider this a teaser (as in, you'll be seeing more of these guys here soon). A few shots from a new San Diego-based line, Favorite Pastime. The line is limited but concise, just what we simple folk like. Brainchild of Mat Crossan, the idea was to create a line inspired by the care-free days of skating and hopping curbs till the street lights came on, but updated for those of us who are old enough to not be called for dinner. Easy, simple and relaxed, but with enough details to keep us interested.

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June 21, 2011

Across The Desk

I get a few things flung across my desk here in the 34th floor offices of ATG, most of which falls to the wayside (thanks to all you PR firms who pay no attention to your email lists and push women's bathing suit lines on me). BUT, every now and again, a few things come across that actually make sense. The two most recent of those being customizable bicycles from Milan by Cicli Maestro and hand made bags from Winter Session out of Chi-City. Keep up the good work, PR firms, and keep sending those emails with subject lines in ALL CAPS... I swear it works.

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June 20, 2011

Shot To Def: Diz Gibran & Moonshine

A few images from a shoot I did last week with Diz and Moon, a couple of LA's finest. Not only do they make some of the freshest music this side of 1996, but they do it all with a smile and a middle finger -- like a backhanded compliment you end up saying "thank you" to. Check out their 2009 release here, google their new leaks from earlier in the month, and add them to your summertime playlist.

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June 13, 2011

Scopin' Doors

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Well Endeavored

Did anyone else get on Vimeo today and see this? Pretty amazing. Props to NASA for getting a little trick and putting this together. And just think, one day, THE MOON!!!!

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June 10, 2011

Behind The Curtain

My good friend and very talented photographer, Andy J. Scott came down and shot some behind the scenes photos and video of a shoot I had for Pacific Sunwear last week in Venice Beach. A few minor incidents aside, we had one hell of a day and very much look forward to the window displays in all of the PacSuns come July.

Although I despise seeing pictures of myself, let alone video, Andy did such a damn fine job I figured I'd put them up for all to see. Here I am not posting for over a week, and when I finally do, it's of pictures of myself... what has become of ATG?!?! YOU'VE CHANGED, MAN! Check out Andy's site for more of his portraits, he does some great stuff including his ongoing portraits series of local LA rappers.

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