January 30, 2011

Ahh Schmidt!

Leave it to a photographer to answer, "as long as you don't show my face," when asked if a portrait may be taken. Yeah well, Michael Schmidt feels more at home behind the lens, and fair enough. Although a mighty fine subject, Michael does his dirty work through a piece of glass, and lucky for us, we reap the benefits. From dirty motorcycles to clean lingerie, Michael shoots them all with calculated reckless abandon -- a style forged through years of meticulously not giving a fuck.

His ability to capture the moments between the moments gives us a rare glimpse into a life so real we could never dream of it. His shots are staged, framed, and metered yet come with zero sense of pretension or falsity. Pay attention, this is how its done and this is who does it.

I'll let them tell stories and speak for themselves.