March 30, 2011

There Will Be No Miracles Here

There are a few things I can count on when I visit my parents' house -- a home cooked meal and a stack of magazines on the hallway table for me to take home. Usually it's the last couple months of GQ, (the guilty product of grandkids selling magazine subscriptions for school fundraisers) and a couple random airline magazines or WSJ inserts. Seeing as how I rarely pick up the Wall Street Journal these days since my corporate finance job (nope), it's a welcomed change of pace. And the March edition didn't disappoint.

By far the most interesting article was a highlight on Robert M. Rubin, his house and golf course. As one of the founding members of AIG Trading, Rubin found himself with more money than god at a fairly young age and set out to spend that fortune in some of the most awesome ways possible.

As if collecting and restoring Ferraris to his very personal and arguably controversial standards, Rubin figured he needed a racetrack to drive them on. Seemed like a good idea... except he happened to buy the only one in the Hamptons and was told very soon after that the notion of racing loud cars was simply unacceptable. Read the full article about the course/museum/art gallery and his ongoing restoration of one of modern architecture's most important landmarks he calls home.