March 30, 2011


We all love us some Tumblr sites. Whether it's original content or recycled, we all love to see inspirational images stacked in a tight little column, begging to be moused. Although some will argue that throwing a couple pictures of naked girls, guns, vintage cars and iconic drug-bust images will validate any Tumblr site thus making it "well-curated," others will say only a select few have the visual prowess to properly compile images in a cohesive and intriguing way. (run-on?)

In the vast sea of "well-curated" Tumblr blogs, a couple reign supreme and rule with an iron trident. Those two being Young & Feral, and of course our beloved Yimmy Yayo. Sure, except for a few personal notes on YY, if you told me these two were updated by the same person, I'd probably believe you. Especially knowing they both come from The Land Down Under. But nonetheless, both act as key witnesses for the defense in the trial of "Anyone Can Do It" vs Visual Prowess. Y&F and YY top my daily photo blog hits and always give me something to drag to my desktop. Bookmark em.

I was going to post a bunch of random images here from the two sites... but this isn't a Tumblr blog.