February 10, 2010

Just Keep Passin' Me By

I'm not going to lie, every now and again I run across something so good, that for a brief second I secretly wish nobody else has seen it so I can to rip the idea off and pass it off as my own. I know, a horrible thing to admit, but I've never actually done it. It's like when you get that fleeting glimpse of a parallel universe after your boss pisses you off, when you jump across the desk, grab him by the tie, feed it into the shredder and smile at your victory, only to snap back to reality with your boss standing before you, unscathed... no? Anybody? Am I alone here? Whatever.

Someone had left a link to this in the comments a while back (if you are the guilty party, please take credit below), and I had forgotten about it until my buddy, Rob sent me an email yesterday. Yep, Andrew Bush is responsible for one of those ideas, and there's a book too. Go buy it, and get that feeling I was speaking of. It's just flat-out good.