January 8, 2010

Sharks -vs- Mustangs

I come across a lot of horrifying content on the internet through my late night searches. There should be a fine for facilitating the leaking of awful things into public domain, or at least a screening process (some might argue this site, so maybe the fine is a bad idea). Every now and then, however, during my arduous sessions of wading through the muck and grime of the internet, I find a rock that looks interesting, and after spitting on it and rubbing the dirt off, find it's a gem. The personal portfolio of artist Ryder Richards was just such a rock -- a shiny, little, jagged diamond hidden in the depths of a google search. Take a break from whatever it is you're doing and click through his work. I don't know about you, but a rendering of a giant shark attacking a WWII fighter plane is worth not only a look, but a spot on my wall.