January 7, 2010

Check Please

I get on these kicks where I'll get totally invested in a random automobile. I'll start pulling photos and reading up on them for no other reason than to add them to my very long, and growing, shopping list of "cars to acquire for my collection when I'm stupid rich." A few months ago, it was a 1979 Honda Civic. That started when I saw an elderly man pulling a pristine, gold specimen into a parking space, 25 spots away from any other car. He got out and, like in the movies, used his sleeve to wipe the prints off the door. Rightfully so, as this car looked as if it had rolled off the showroom floor not ten minutes prior. I figured if a man could love such a historically awful car so much, he must know something I don't. Check, 1979 Honda Civic added to the list. Yup, it might be ugly, but when you see it in mint condition, it's a head turner. I digress.

My current emotional investment rests in the angular and stout contours of the early 1970s BMW 2002 Turbo, gaudy racing-inspired graphics kit and all. "What color do you want that in, white with blue and orange side stripes or white with blue and orange side stripes?" I'll take white with blue and orange side stripes, thanks. My favorite part about the car is that when you squint and look at the profile, you almost can't tell which direction it's going in. I just want to drive way too fast in this, tossing German curse words out the window to anyone who looks at my side stripes cross. "That says Turbo, arschloch!" 1973 2002 Turbo -- check.