January 7, 2010


Restraining order, locket of hair, stalker, a shrine hidden in the back of a closet... all words and phrases synonymous with obsession. It's a scary word with frightening connotations, which is the very reason I don't toss it around often, especially when it comes to inanimate, materialistic objects. Well, whatever is is you would call keeping an image on your desktop and opening it at least once a day just to admire... that's what I am with the Omega Speedmaster CK2915 -- the first Speedmaster. Since 1957, the Speedmaster Chronograph has adorned the wrists of captains of industry, playboys and astronauts alike. With its timeless, classic design, which has remained relatively unchanged since its inception, it continues to draw admiration and clutter computer desktops with jpegs today.

The "replica" Omega put out a few years ago. Not quite the exact same, but close enough to save you 10s of thousands of dollars. The below version will set you back about 2k or so. It's at $600.00 on eBay right now... jump in.

Some newer Speedmasters below. In 1966, Omega added the word "Professional" when NASA picked the watch to be their time piece of choice for space flights.

1959 version.