May 11, 2009

J Murray Inc. 1944

Finally, a company that understands and respects the power of good product photography. There are too many people out there that take great pride in the vintage pieces they sell, yet take horrible low-res photos of them. Well, J Murray Inc. doesn't do that. The company started in Stevens Point. WI, restoring WWII helmets, but quickly began making replicas for the re-enacting and collecting communities. Along with the large stock of helmets, both new and refurbished originals, they also have a huge collection of authentic American gear. From WWI to the Korean war, they have a ton of great things to waste time looking at. The details of the pieces are great and the prices are good.

I'm not sure where my fascination with military and WWII artifacts stems from. Maybe it's the 200+ times I've watched the best movie ever made, The Thin Red Line. Or perhaps it's simply instilled in every boy at a young age, to be infatuated with all things military. Whatever it is, I'm not alone, so hopefully some some if you will enjoy J Murray as much as I did.

"In all of this, we strive to keep the WWII era alive and in the forefront of world history... What a time to have lived, loved, and died!"