May 11, 2009

ICON: Joe Kittinger 1960

Did anyone else watch the special on this guy, Discovery Channel or something? Is it not one of the coolest stories in American aviation history? Aug. 16th, 1960. The man jumps out of a balloon at 102,800 feet. Seriously? Really? What would you think about during a 4 minute 36 second free fall at 614mph? I don't know what else to say. I love this stuff. Gotta love this amazing video too, someone set the footage to one of my favorite Pelican tracks.

They just don't grow 'em like they used to. This guy stepped off a platform nineteen miles above the Earth. Not for fame. Not because he was on a reality show and had a chance at one million dollars, but because it was part of his job, and someone asked him to. What have I done today?

It's Monday. Go do something amazing.