March 6, 2011

Shot To Def: Davide Berruto

I'm surprised I have any friends at all with the way I'm always making them pause for photos. Well, lucky for all of us I have a friend like Davide, because when it comes to sartorial effortlessness, there may not be anyone more on-point.

Spending his days, and most nights, as the wizard behind the curtain of Environment Furniture, Davide not only displays his style and taste through his perfectly-pieced, day-to-day ensembles, but through his entire company. Mr. Berruto is the only guy I know who can wear a vest, a pocket square, a Rolex, tweed, turquoise and a Ducati and still not only look like he read all the books on style, but wrote the damn things. Whether I catch him coming off a ride from Malibu, or elbows deep in design approvals, one thing remains constant -- pure sartorialastisity (look it up, it's a word)