March 9, 2011

Mail Call

Any blogger will tell you, meeting people, getting invited to events and generally being treated like you're far more important than you really are all benefits of having a blog, but the real reason we do these things... is to get free shit in the mail. At least that's what bloggers tell me.

Well, needless to say, I'm like a child when it comes to bulky packages in the mail with my name on it -- especially when the name is handwritten. So when I got two such packages in one day, my head nearly exploded. I usually find myself fairly content when it comes to possessions. Hell, I nearly sold everything I own on eBay this summer. But all it takes is a small package with my name handwritten on it to make me realize that my life is now a better place with a set of Doane Paper x Jon Contino notebooks and the new copy of 'The Unknown' by Comune on Jose Gonzalez in it.

Crafted in Portland (that's in West America), these special edition notebooks feature Doane's signature grid paper and artwork by CXXVI's Jon Contino. Oh, and I love them. Chad was nice enough to send me some of his notebooks sometime ago, and aside from Chad and I sharing love for Vintage BMX, we also love us some gridded paper.

This hard-bound book from Comune features articles and pictures with Jose Gonzalez as the subject. It's basically a tell-all look into the life of a legend. Well done, looks expensive and looks even better on my shelf, this book is worth a thumbing through.

See, it's that simple... send me free shit and I'll write about it. No, not really, but it might be worth a try.