August 31, 2010

Perfecting The Craft

With all of this talk about which country things are made in, by which original factory, with what materials and on which machines, some of the focus has shifted away from the most important aspect -- the individual. That person making the product with their hands. That person sweating over a machine which took years to master. That person pouring their heart over what's being created in front of them. So what do I do for those people? I start a blog. Hey, we make what we know.

The Get Up And Get Down not only highlights products for sale by the individuals who make them, but teaches you how to be a craftsman with an expanding series of "how to" guides. One picture - one craftsman - one link at a time. Keep it simple and let the materials speak for themselves.

I have a few awesome collaborations in the works and will hopefully be launching those in the near future. Until then, the site will be updated when I see something handmade by an individual and cool. Send me things you make. Send me things your mom makes. Send me links to things you saw that one time on that one blog. Send me anything and keep it local... wherever that may be.