January 11, 2010

"...When I Was Young, I'm Not A Kid Anymore..."

But some days...

Evidence that I'm a sucker for nostalgic images of good times is littered all throughout these pages. I can't help it. Whenever I find a great Flickr set or website, I bookmark it. Well, here's another one. TxRelicHunter (I don't believe that's his birth name but Flickr allows anonymity) was part of the Pepsi Skateboard Team in the mid 70s... and thank God he carried a camera. The photos are novice in execution, blurred images and all, and we wouldn't have them any other way. Most of the time we focus on smiling, laughing, and being with friends, not on capturing those memories on film. However, retrospect has us believe that as carefree those hours are, when a camera is furthest from our thoughts, chances are there's going to be a day when we wish it had been closer.

Carry a camera.