January 1, 2010

A Time To...

I make fun of this whole blogging thing as much as I am a part of it. It's a self-preservation device -- a way for me to fall asleep at night. It took nearly the entire first year of ATG for me to even refer to this....BLOG as a blog, and not a "site." One year into it, although it still pains me to use the word blog, this BLOG is the very reason I can comfortably say that I've met some of the coolest and most sincere people, some of whom I now call my closest friends.

Thanks to everyone who has come here to see what random things I'm into, left comments (even if only to talk shit on my car), and mostly to anyone who has reached out and sent me an email. It's those emails from total strangers that make my day. Whether to tell me about a new t-shirt line out of NY, say thanks for turning them on to an obscure Korean film, share personal stories of their dad being shot down in WWII, sending pictures of their tattoo inspired by the ATG monogram, ask for advice on finding a local tailor or which winter coat to buy, ask what camera I use, show off a new watch, thank me for happening to have similar tastes and for putting it all in one spot, say thanks for entertaining them at work, turn me on to a new website, ask me to come to their store and hang out, invite me to coffee or just to say keep it up.

The below pictures were attached to just such an email. One from a faithful ATG reader who saw the Beach Boys post a couple days ago. You just never know who's reading...

"Hey Nick. Beach Boys are all good friends. We've toured together for years. Thought you'd like these."

Yes, Gerry. Very much.

Thanks everybody. Have another good one.