December 30, 2009

HIT LIST: 1970s Seiko

Not the most "classic" of design eras, but certainly one of the most colorful. Wrist watches of the 70's had a certain panache not associated with any other trend in timepiece design. They can look a little dated, but why else would you want a watch from the 70s for any other reason than it appearing unmistakably...70s? Most companies of the time put out a handful of colorful models, but Seiko takes the cake as far as being affordable and looking the part. Although I do love me some Bullheads, I'll take any of the chronos below.

Check out eBay, as they come up pretty often and aren't going to set you back three months rent. Look out military watches, here come the playboys that stayed home and looked after your girl.

The SpeedTimer photograph by Chrissy Avila.