December 9, 2009

Money, Please. I Get Loose Off Of Orange Juice

I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days on the other coast. I'll be braving the elements and getting lost in the subway system when cabs refuse to take me to Brooklyn at 6pm (lesson learned). I've been to NYC plenty of times and aside from the labyrinth some call a subway, have a decent handle on the city. That being said, my friend accused me of being a tourist when I expressed my high hopes of hailing the Cash Cab while I'm there. So be it, I'd wreck that show! However, when in Rome and all that, I suppose. Ever since I heard those fateful words of wisdom whispered to me by my Great Uncle Eugene as he walked me into a strip club when I was 12, "For God's sake, boy, act like you've done this before," I've heeded experts' advice. So, on that note, I'm curious to hear some pointers, tips, tricks, dos and don'ts from any locals.

Also, if there are any places you think represent NYC proper-like, please let me know. I'm always looking for new spots to eat, shop, sneak into, gaze at, photograph, walk, swim in, sleep, etc. And yes, I've been told to bring a jacket. Hit me up if you're going to be out and about over the weekend, I'll buy you a cheap cup of coffee and tell you a story.