December 8, 2009

Lo-Mob Deep

Alright, so it's nothing more than cheap, dumbed-down, iPhone, Photoshop trickery, and I don't care. Lo-Mob is a fancy dancy new iPhone app that turns your photos into... well... photos... that look older than they are. The idea is nothing new. We've seen Camera Bag and Toy Camera and all those, but this one takes the cake as far as going from 0-1000 with a push of a button. There are about 35 different previews to choose from -- Polaroids to 35mm. It's over the top, it's kitschy and I've yet to actually save any of the photos I run through it, but if you're looking for a fun app to waste a few minutes making pictures of your dog look 40 years old, it's worth a couple bucks.