November 18, 2009

Vulgar Display Of Power

Since before there were even cars, car companies have been debuting their freshest concepts with scantly clad women draped all over them. Yes, it seems someone once thought the automotive market was one driven exclusively by men. We seem to be able to trace these roots back to the 60s and 70s, during the sexual revolution. I, for one, don't think this sick excuse of a marketing tactic works on the men of today. I find it vile, exploitative, shocking and downright insulting. The fact that I just cashed in my 401K to purchase the Pininfarina wearing the gold dress, brown boots and helmet has NOTHING to do with the red car she's straddling.

The photos below are from this amazing site, showcasing beautiful concept cars form the 60s and 70s. Love them or hate them, I think this world would be a little better if a few more of them had slipped into production.