October 1, 2009

Bikers & Pilots

Just like tattoos are no longer just for sailors and convicts, leather jackets are not reserved solely for pilots and bikers. Since there have been caves and men in them, we have been draping ourselves in animal hides to protect us from the elements... and hides with zippers are even more useful. Yeah, it's easy to look like Johnny-come-lately to the biker-fest, but tone it down a bit and there's no reason you can't just look like a guy with a leather jacket on. Unless, of course, you're getting off a bike or out of a plane. In that case, pair it with whatever the hell you want. If anyone has any favorite, contemporary makers of simple and classic jackets, throw them in the comments below. I'm a fan of the vintage cafe-style, but getting them "fresh" from eBay, one has to contend with the stench that usually accompanies them.