September 30, 2009

Five At A Time

Remember stacking these up your wrist four or five deep? As if the number of Swatches on your arm directly translated into street cred? I remember being on the playground and seeing a sixth grader (the way older kids) at the top of the jungle gym. He had a Tony Hawk-esqe, asymmetrical haircut and rainbow-mirrored plastic glasses with mismatched colored arms... oh yeah, and like five Swatches on his wrist. He was my hero.

Even though I was only seven, I remember begging for a year so I could get one for Christmas. It was striped. And it was tubular. I never quite got to the level of multiples, but my sister did have the giant one on her wall until high school. I still have an X-Watch I found at an Earth Crisis show, and after this post, might have to fish around eBay to score another one... or five.

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And the new chrono...