October 20, 2009

Go Ahead, Honk. See What Happens

I hate when I'm cruising the internet and come across something, up until that exact moment, I had not realized I could not live without. Perhaps a jacket of some make, a beautifully worn bag on eBay, or a WWII era Chevrolet CMP built for the Canadian Army, to name a few. Damn! The Canadians got all the good stuff............ CMPs............... (I'm kidding, Ryan. I'm kidding) Tell me you all couldn't picture yourselves bombing down the city streets in one of these pug-esque looking beasts. I could go on and on about where they were made and why and how, but then you could just go and read the Wiki article yourselves, if you care. I'll take the two below, as is.

And speaking of military vehicles turned civilian tanks. Check out the amazing ride I grabbed a picture of in East Hampton. Done right!