September 8, 2009

Safety First

Yup, my love for weird and random things takes me to some weird and random places, like roaming the internet for vintage military blankets. I'll take some dead-stock or surplus, but when people start eBaying "used military medical blankets," I draw the line. Really? Used medical blankets? Anything being sold with a description containing the words "used" and "medical" is not something I need on my couch or bed. That would be like expecting people to get excited by a "vintage cheap-motel bedspread" on eBay. Just cause it's old, don't make it cool. The vintage wool doesn't make for the coziest of things to cuddle into, but cut some holes in that bad boy and you got yourself a snuggie with some class.

Check out this esty store for pillows made from vintage blankets.

And some more here and here from Ouno.

And here for some slight over-kill with Swiss blankets. Some good stuff though.

Or Google them and get surplus sites like this.