June 9, 2009

Friends Of McQueen Car Show

Another drive out to Chino, and yet another pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago, it was the Planes Of Fame Air Show, this weekend, a car show. Chino is slowly moving up my list of exciting cities in California (it still has a way to go). The Boys Republic, although an off-putting name, is a really great looking place right in the heart of Chino Hills. Boys Republic is a "nonprofit. nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters"... the place your parents threatened you about. The school has a couple notable alum, but none so famous as Steve. McQueen spent a couple years here and credits the place for turning his life around and giving him focus. He often went back to the school, speaking and signing over big checks to make sure the doors stayed open for kids like himself.

Every year, the school hosts a car show in Steve's honor. It wasn't big, it didn't have the best cars or the biggest crowd, but it was intimate and fun none the less. A good way to spend a Saturday. By far the best in show were the Porsches. As of fairly recently I have become a huge fan of not only the vintage Porsches, but some newer ones as well. The overcast weather was perfect for a car show and the In-N-Out truck was there slingin' Double-Doubles. Can you ask for more?