June 17, 2009

Can The Frogskins Ever Be Classic?

So I'm looking through eBay the other day and come across the same exact pair of Frogskins I wore when I was in 6th grade. I remember saving my hard-earned money to buy them, and although my grandmother had to pitch in, I finally was able to acquire a pair of clear Frogskins with blue lenses. I'm not gonna lie, I was tempted to place a bid for no other reason than to try and recapture just a fraction of the excitement I felt when I wore them to school for the first time. As I'm sure they were all over the world, the Frogskins were an icon for Southern California cool, and wearing them back then was a statement, that you have in fact... arrived. They have since made a comeback, died, and even came back again(supreme did the colab a couple years ago and Oakley is still doing limited runs), but was the resurrection the nail in the proverbial coffin?

The only thing that stopped me from buying the glasses was the fact that I don't think I would EVER wear them. They have a good shape, and even though they come in horrible dated colorways, they also come in black, white, red and, well, clear. I just couldn't help but to think I would be championing the very fluorescent, pegged-jeans era I swore off Jan 31st 1989. Don't get me wrong here, I'm sure people look good and cool and all in them, but face it, you're not wearing sunglasses, you're wearing '80s sunglasses.

Can they ever be classic? How much time has to pass until an icon such as the Frogskins can stop being referred to as '80's eye wear, and just be... sunglasses? Did people in the '70s bitch about how they wished the whole "'60s revival" thing would just go away? Is there no hope for anything '80s to ever make the transition from trend to style? Alright, I'm done.