May 14, 2009

Il Bisonte Messenger

Below is a new "7 Questions" with Brad, over at Drink Moloko. In his answers, he mentioned his Il Bisonte bag. We've spoken about it before, when he was asking about roughing it up a little. I passed on to him a comment I was once told. About a year ago, I was buying a cowhide rug, for my sister, from a vendor on the sidewalk of La Cienega Blvd. You know, where the guy has all the rugs thrown over the chain link fence... yeah, I bought one of those. As I was paying him, I asked him about cleaning it. "What if she spills something on it", I ask. He looks at me, smiles (missing a few front teeth) and says, "Shit man, throw it out in the yard and hose it off. It was a cow for cryin' out loud. It lived in a fuckin' field".

Below are pictures of my Il Bisonte bag, which was given to me by someone who didn't like the "new" look of it (thanks Tom). After my friend gave it to me, I went home, threw it in the washing machine with some detergent, then let it dry in the sun. Beautiful. It might be expensive, but don't be afraid to add a little life to your leather goods by hosing 'em off, washing 'em, or leaving them out in the sun. It can handle the abuse... after all... it was a cow for cryin' out loud.