May 13, 2009

HATS OFF: Estwing

So I'm watching the Science channel late last night, and How It's Made comes on. This show is one I can't seem to turn off even if I've seen the particular episode airing. No, I'm stuck if I hear the theme music. I don't care if they're showcasing ice skates, decoy ducks or canned corn, I'll watch it. Witnessing the creation of a product with machines, red hot iron, and men and women who can not only tell you what they're making, but vouch for its quality, has got to be one of my favorite ways of spending 3am in bed.

SO, last night, Science channel, How It's made, something caught my eye. HAMMERS. ESTWING HAMMERS. Cold steel heated red-hot, smashed into a shape, tempered, shaped, leather rings assembled, shaved and dipped into resin, then finally polished to a shine. I was captivated. Since 1923, out of Rockford IL, Estwing has been making "the world's most durable, comfortable and attractive striking and struck tools".

So what do I do? I wake up, check their site, see they make beautiful hatchets, a tool I have zero need for, grab a coffee and walk to the hardware store to buy one. Now, the funny part of the story, or sad depending on which way you look at it, is that halfway to the hardware store, something strikes me (excuse the pun). All of a sudden I get a vision of an Estwing hatchet. I turn around, walk back home, open a flat file in my office, and there it is. A vintage Estwing hatchet I had picked up God knows where God knows when. What's the saddest part about this story? The fact that I was watching Science channel at 3am? The fact that I was so moved by the creation of a hammer, my waking thought was "it must be mine"? Or the fact I had no idea I owned the very tool I was going to purchase to highlight on my blog? Take your pick. But enjoy my vintage Estwing hatchet and go buy yourself a new one, because they're amazing.

Check out the How It's Made segment here, but WANT to watch it, cause you'll have to sit through a commercial first. Well worth it. C'mon, watch it.

Check out a few gems on eBay, here.