May 22, 2009


Every time I run across one of these portraits I pull it to my desktop. Not sure why, I just love the personal connection you are able to make with these. Most of these are taken before the soldier is shipped out. Knowing that they are seated there, because they want to be, to have a photo for their family to remember them by, and not because they are ordered to, is pretty powerful. It's a documentation of soldier, their idealism and optimism brightly displayed, being a soldier because they want to be one. It's just a whole different way of thinking these days. It used to be romantic to go to war, to fight for your Nation, not because you were drafted or because you had no other options after high school, but because you felt like it was your duty. Maybe some of that still lives today, just not the general consensus I guess.

Any ATG readers currently serving or have served? If so, why?

I'm currently working a piece about a local man, a photographer, dealing with this very subject matter. I can't tell you how excited I am about it and can't wait to get it up on ATG. Until then, enjoy these.

Andyeah, maybe not ALL these WWII, but close.