April 18, 2009

U2: Downtown LA - Beastie Boys: Arsenio

Okay, so I'm not a U2 fan, at least nothing past Joshua Tree. Sorry, just don't do it for me. A few weeks ago I was driving around Downtown and saw a familiar building. The Liquor store from The Streets Have No Name video. I was a almost too young to be a fan of U2 at this time, but my sister played it all the time, so I basically grew up with it. There was just something about seeing that building (now a Mexican food joint) that made me very nostalgic. The video is such a sign of the times, music, fashion, the energy of music. Check it out. Even if you're not a fan, it's still fun to see.

The Beastie Boys. My ALL TIME FAVORITE from the early 90's on. The same sister of U2 fame and I used to stay up and watch The Arsenio Hall Show. I remember watching this episode when Beastie Boys did So Watcha Want feat. Cypress Hill. It's just too good. P.S.- Check the old school CD packaging. Remember those?