April 20, 2009

iPHONE RECAP: Last week or so

Ryan, from H(Y)R Collective, was down last week. We hit every store around for the most part. I took a few photos while I was out. Not a whole lot, but a few. Then some other random ones thrown in.

Steven Alan is always one of my favorite spots. N.D.C. chukkas above.

It should be illegal how good this burger is.

Mr. Ryan(hyr) himself, looking dapper as always.

Why not have a piece of drift wood hanging in a men's store? (South Willard)

Navy Boat Shoe

Brown Ring Boot

Black Boat Shoe

Douglas Fir shoe store (3rd St.) Across from Douglas Fir.

Jim of Lead Derby looking deep in thought. He wasn't.

Yes, please.

At the hobby store picking up Derby supplies.

My "work bench". And a dog.