April 9, 2009


You go shopping in the rain, and you look at jackets, can't help it. I know summer is around the corner, but it was cold yesterday. What's this??? A Band Of Outsiders product that fits me? A piece from their collection that doesn't make me look like Baby Huey? Saw the two below at Secret Service, but didn't think about it (it was hot that day), but saw them again yesterday at Co-Op, and threw one on. Almost tried to slip out the door with it too. $600 is too rich for my blood, but it was a nice thought. I know this isn't the first you've all seen of either of these, but it took rain for me to pay attention.
- More after the picture...

Also saw this little beaut at Opening Ceremony. I think anyone wearing a trench, or even a second cousin to a trench, in LA, looks like they're going to a Sherlock Holmes costume party, but I still throw one on every time I see one. Is the ACNE WAILER JACKET below actually a trench??

*FOOTNOTE: It only rained for about 12 minutes, and the sun was back out today. Is a little foul weather too much to ask for? Honestly.