April 9, 2009

50's Stanford Letterman's

I didn't play sports in High School, well, not for my High School anyway, and forget about college. My school didn't have a mascot let alone organized teams. So, I never got a Letterman's jacket. I did, however "break into" the storage room at my HS where all the patches and letters were kept, and let's say...."borrowed" a few pieces for my unborn children. I couldn't let them think their father was a slack. If anyone asks, I can show proof that I was in fact Captain of the football team (both JV and Varsity),Captain of the golf team, All-State wrestler, and even did a brief stint on the swimming team.... yes, Captain as well. Yes, I was quite the well rounded athlete back in my prime.

Since I only have the patches and pins, and not the coveted leather sleeved icon of adolescent success, I figured I couldn't let this little beauty slip by me. Even better than a '98, is a mid-50s. Stanford is "our" Ivy League, and no, I didn't go there. But again, if anyone asks, I can at least lie and tell them my father did. Check out the stitched name into the tag... just in case, you know. I guess I'll have to lie and tell them my Dad's name was J. Huston too. Oh well, whatever sells it.