April 15, 2009

HIT LIST: SE Bikes Limited 24"

BMX big enough for a big kid. 24 inches is enough to move you around comfortably, yet small enough to bunny-hop trashcans and three of your friends lying next to each other. (remember those days?) Love the big BMXs, love the vintage BMXs, and really love the limited edition throwback 24" BMXs. Vintage design that never should've gone away.

With a shape cut straight from the tracks of '79, this bike is still right on point for today's rides. I'm all over it. I love my 26", but a 24" may be in order. (For those of you that don't know, 20" is "standard" BMX size, and these are bigger) I am currently working on a "project" that involves 24 inches of limited edition, so I'll drop more on that as it develops. Until then, order one of these for $900.


  • Limited Edition Retro CR-MO Double Downtube Frame w/Looptail Rear End, Retro Dropouts
  • Chrome Alex Double Wall DM-24 Rims
  • SE 3-PC 49 Spline CR-MO Cranks
  • Retro Blitz Seat w/Bottle Opener
  • Fluted Seatpost
  • Quadangle Padset and Grip Donuts