March 17, 2009

ESQUIRE '67: Room-Mates

Ran Across this article in Esquire magazine. How great is it that couples "living in sin" merits an entire article in Esquire magazine. So dangerous. Is it me or does the guy in the first picture, although exquisitely dressed, bare an uncanny resemblance to Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

"Paul and Anne have come to no conclusion about marriage; he cooks, she irons and they both do the laundry together."

"The only real problem has been the landlord, who like Cornell, doesn't know the setup. 'One morning he came barging in while I was in bed,' Mitchell remembers. 'I threw the covers over my head just as he came in, and for five minutes he talked to me thinking I was Carol. I just mm-hmmed in a falsetto.'"

"They have a casual relationship: marriage is not really a question yet; at least they never discuss it."
*Check the feed sacks as wallpaper behind them.

"He and Maureen like living together without the legal binds of marriage; they found the one nude party they went to a bore; they have moved a few times, and they live at their present address because the landlord allows dogs."