March 4, 2009

Custom Persol 714

Steve would be proud that somebody still offers these. Eye Goodies (I don't condone that name) does the custom work for you and offers the 714s how they should be offered, hinges, blue lenses and all. Checked eBay, and there's an original pair (although not certain about the date) on there for $200 right now. The ones below will take $389. OR, you can do what I did. Go to your favorite glasses store, order the frames and have blue lenses put in for about half the cost. Gotta love all things cool and stylish that are almost more trouble than they're worth. IE, old cars, new boots, wool, and sunglasses with hinges that loosen up and fall off your head when you so much as nod. Women have high heels, I have 714s... so life is fair.