February 18, 2014

That's A Lada 4x4 For Ya

My current late night internet obsession took a turn last night. While Tomorrow Never Dies was softly playing on the TV in the background, I glanced up and saw Pierce rummaging through the back of what looked like a novelty sized 4x4. As soon as I questioned what it was, a shot of the back badging was shown, and I was off. And now I need one...the Russian designed and built Lada Niva. Started in 1977 and still in production today, this little beast, and yes, little, has taken over most of the globe but has somehow never entered the US market. Even with a partnership with GM hasn't helped usher the little guy over the pond. I guess I'll have to just eBay one and pray it passes smog. Go google it and read more on the Wiki page.