February 27, 2014

Negative Ghostrider The Pattern Is Full

We all know the story... laying in bed, late at night, flipping through the channels when we see Top Gun coming on -- that old familiar score pounding over silhouetted images of F-14 Tomcats being thrown off carrier decks. We begin to watch, and before you know it, we're an hour deep with no sign of letting up until the credits roll.

AND THEN we notice Tom Cruise's watch in one of the scenes... and we start googling it, and pausing the film, and researching makes, models and reference numbers, and comparing images on google to screen grabs and reading chat rooms and forums devoted to movie watches and reading about discrepancies in continuity and editing and speculation as to the exact origins of the timepiece and searching through eBay and craigslist looking for the exact model for sale and emailing dealers in Germany and buying one from a guy in Austria as 4:30am..... you know.... that same old story. Now it's on my wrist. And I make people refer to me as Maverick.

Porsche Designed Orfina 7176. Claimed to have been worn by Cruise in Days Of Thunder as well, but I haven't caught that film on Showtime at 2am yet. I'll have to get back to you. The below pictures are from the internet... because I'm too sleepy to take pictures of the one on my wrist. And remember kids, don't let your mouths write checks your butt can't cash.