January 23, 2012

Your New Favorite Bag Co.

Directional Motivation makes bags in the USA, in Los Angeles actually. They make them from reclaimed blankets and military fabrics. If that's not enough information to be picked up by every blog in the world, I'm just not sure what else to do. I happen to think the inundation of canvas tote companies around the country has been on the verge of an epidemic, but all is forgotten when I see such originality and craftsmanship as in DM. Solid cosign.

Not only is Naomi, the owner of this fine company, one of the bestest persons I've had the pleasure of meeting in LA, but she also makes every bag with love, style, grace, and even some attitude. 100% craftsmanship. 100% California. It's as if Venice Beach got called up for the draft, but went AWOL to smoke hash in Baja.