January 23, 2011

Shot To Def: Jeremy Weiss

As one half of photografique extraordinaire -- Day 19, Jeremy's day job consists of slapping shutters and pushing f-stops for some of the biggest companies around, so it only seems fitting that he cracks a whip as head-turning as his resume. As if an '88 E28 M5 isn't impressive enough (being one of the rarest production BMWs ever), Jeremy had to go and get the FIRST of a mere 30 black-on-blacks to be imported to these Unites States.

Very little pleases me more than a Saturday drive at 90mph, on the oldest freeway in America, listing to 'Passin' Me By' over the whine of over 250 prancing horses. You can catch a couple more shots of the car at Man On The Move later this week.